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ACEDI's core values and statement of ethics were developed through a consultative process involving the communities we serve, organizations whose capacities we tirelessly enhance, the organization's board of Advisors and staff at all levels. The following principles constitute a values compass for our Board of advisors, staff, and other individuals and members working on behalf of the organization.

Core Values
ACEDI’s work is grounded in a fundamental belief and philosophy that people and community led processes are critical to organizational success and community development. ACEDI will be held responsible for their actions and achievements. We will do this by: having a clear mission, organizational structure and decision-making processes; by acting in accordance with stated values and agreed procedures; by ensuring that our programmes achieve outcomes that are consistent with our mission; and by reporting on these outcomes in an open and accurate manner.In carrying out its mission, ACEDI embraces the following values:

We are accountable to the people whom we serve and to God in his overall purpose of Humanity. In working for the betterment of the world we are driven by an ethos that ensures that all we do is in compliance with both Divine purpose and Laws.

Our every intervention is driven by a desire to serve God’s purpose- to ensure absolute Love and peace among the people. This therefore means that the fulfilments of needs of people are critical to us than any motivation and we endeavour to fulfil them.

ACEDI serves all people without discrimination and knows that each is endowed differently by God and we are therefore inter-dependent. We therefore strive to ensure that all people, of different shades of opinions, religion and creed are served in compliance with Divine purpose.

This to ACEDI means to have passion, perseverance and persistence. In every endeavour, we gladly strive to ensure that our work achieves the objective for which it was started despite the challenges and tribulations that may exist. We maintain our trust with those we work with.

At ACEDI we are leaders in innovation, breaking new ground in the non profit sector, at all levels and industry, focused on bringing in new goods, services and ideas to help revolutionise the non profit sector and helping others grow.

Result oriented
ACEDI believes in results. No amount of explanation and understanding can replace tangible products from our interventions. While we are cognisant of risks and capacities to deliver, we routinely aim to achieve the outcomes we plan for.

Divine Inspired
While the world is full of problems and challenges, it is also replete with solutions. The natural beauty is God’s creation and we are inspired by the animal, spiritual and human realms in discovering and applying the different solutions to the mundane problems.

We strive to have peace with ourselves, our values, with God’s law and purpose, with clients and communities we serve, resolving all conflicts as they arise and committed to peaceful co-existence.

ACEDI responds in time to the demands and needs of the communities and partners. Our interventions are based on evidence and demand and we are sensitive to the changing aspirations and needs of the people.

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