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1. Do you want to conduct Policy research?
2. Do you intend to undertake applied research for your programme or strategy?
3. Do want to develop an M&E system for your organization or project?
4. Do you want to conduct a baseline survey for your programme or project?
5. Do you want to conduct a mid-term or terminal evaluation?
6. Is developing programme indicators a challenge for you?

To ensure that program investments effectively serve the strategic objectives and requirements of program funding organizations, ACEDI provides expertise in monitoring the performance and evaluating the results and impact of development activities across all sectors. We are specialists in all aspects of M&E processes with extensive experience in developing electronic user friendly M&E database systems specifically designed to meet organizational data quality requirements, conducting baseline, needs and impact assessments and programme evaluations such as formative (midterm), summative (final) and impact or longitudinal (experimental and quasi-experimental) evaluations and M&E training.

We have extensive experience with a variety of Results Management Systems and we assist clients in sharpening their programme focus, increasing their use of performance information and minimizing the collection of unnecessary data. We enhance M&E efficiency and cost-effectiveness through multiple strategies, not only to meet reporting needs but most importantly to support informed decisions that allocate resources effectively and efficiently, enhance direct and sustainable impact. Our experts have a record in conducting external evaluations, conducting baseline surveys and Impact assessments for different programmes.

We also can be contractors to perform M&E for your project or organization on a retainer- where organizations find it difficult to hire competent M&E specialists. Our approach to M&E in premised on the philosophy that the M&E system must be built on quality by ensuring timely and relevant content, local ownership of the whole process , user friendly and that the system enables sharing and using results information to enhance impact.

Recent clients in Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
· Kulika Trust Uganda- Agriculture Development Programme,   · Women’s empowerment programme
· Uganda National NGO forum- Citizen’s voice in East Africa Integration; Disaster responses in the Mount Elgon Area.
· International Labour Organization- Child labour and Education .
· Goal North Sudan- Literacy and Women Empowerment programme .
· Young Women Christian Association- Gender Violence prevention programme
· Diocese of Musoma, Tanzania- Disability and Social protection programme .
· Lutheran World Federation Uganda programme
· Uganda National Teachers Union
· Education International- Human resources management practices study. 
· Uganda Coffee development Authority – CORE project

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