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Are you grappling with issues such as how to:

1. Foster an engaged board that governs more and manages less?
2. Engage the board in its critical role in fundraising?
3. Achieve a constructive partnership between staff and the board?
4. Assess the Board governance and performance?
5. Ensure you have the right Board mix and protect your organization against risk?
6. Make strategic board recruitment and development an integral aspect of its governance?
7. Have highly effective Board committees?
8. Plan a successful staff and Board retreat?

Then ACEDI‘s team of consultants can provide you with the expertise you require to reduce your sleepless nights and turn Board management into fun. Non-profits from Faith based organizations to CSOs have come to rely on the rich resource of ACEDI training to educate boards on their roles. Our experts use an objective lens to carefully assess your needs and provide you with customised solutions.

ACEDI focuses on established governance best practices, identifying for your organization an efficient and effective board structure that builds around a mission-centered board dynamic and builds their capacity to deliver through:

· Facilitating the drafting of governance documentation such as codes of conduct, policies and Board governance manuals, capacity building plans etc.
· Facilitating board corporate planning events and board effectiveness workshops.
· Developing and implementing Board member appraisal systems.
· Providing practical advice on all aspects of Board governance, from how to handle a conflict of interest to managing key relationships within and outside the board.
· Advising on board structures, processes and accountability arrangements.
· Undertaking Board assessments and evaluations

Recent clients in Board development and functionality
· Uganda Youth Forum
· Uganda National Teachers union

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