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1. Do you have a written plan, with milestones and benchmarks that your organization can use to guide its fundraising efforts? Are your development efforts proactive or reactive?
2. Do your staff members clearly understand their responsibilities and goals towards fundraising?
3. Do you have a strategic method to identify new fundraising ideas and opportunities?
4. Can you quickly summarize the benefits of your organization to the community? In other words do you have the demographic trends or data driving your mission at your fingertips?

ACEDI is a leading fundraising consulting organization with the experience, flexibility, insight and resources to help non profit organizations carry out their visions and exceed expectations. ACEDI has built a sterling reputation at both the national and community level for helping nonprofit organizations and their development staffs achieve unparalleled fundraising results. Our partners benefit from the personal attention of our seasoned fundraising experts. Our team members use their extensive experience to develop the right plan and execute appropriate strategy to maximize your results.

ACEDI helps organizations prepare internally to be able to proactively develop and mobilize resources. Before an organization can begin fundraising, it is essential that you have all the necessary documentation and are internally ready-staff, Board, processes and constituent communities.

ACEDI through a fundraising audit examines all of your institutional development activities and systems, including infrastructure systems, policies and procedures, staffing and volunteer leadership and community engagements and help you identify opportunities for the development of revenue streams, participatory help you create a detailed, actionable resource mobilization plan to actualize the revenue streams in a manner that is sustainable and takes care of the growth and strategic interests of your organization.

ACEDI has been known to be a partner of choice in the writing of project proposals in response to RFPs or undertake donor prospecting. We also can train the staff and Board on fundraising and organize community organization and mobilization. Whichever way you look at it we are the solution to your resource mobilization needs.

Recent clients in Resource Mobilization
· Uganda National NGO Forum
·Transparency International Uganda
·Environmental Alert
·Joint effort to Save the Environment
·Kalangala Farmers District Association
·Pamoja Africa Reflect Network
·Uganda National teachers Association
·Uganda National Teachers Union
·Uganda women’s efforts to save orphans
·Uganda Youth Forum
·Kibaale CSO Network

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