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A democratic, peaceful, just and accountable poverty free society wherein the rights of poor and marginalized people are respected promoted and protected.


To be a development partner of choice for the poor women, men, boys and girls and their organization in empowering and giving them voice to ensure their inclusion, participation and benefit in the development agenda at household, family, community, national and international levels.


Enhance the capacity of poor communities, civil society organizations, community groups, and local governments to discover, identify, build and sustain their potential to make meaningful choices and translate the choices into actions that create equitable, just, meaningful and sustainable solutions to the mundane challenges facing men, boys, women and girls of this world in order for them to enjoy fully their Human rights and freedoms and create sustainable development. 


A). To develop and institutionalize mechanisms for conflict prevention and peace building among poor communities and organizations through conflict sensitive programming and mainstreaming of issues like gender, rights and HIV/AIDS.

B). To support the development of well-functioning democracies characterized by full citizen participation in government especially for minorities, fair ground rules for competition, and the establishment of the rule of law though increased capacities of local communities to demand and exercise their rights and hold leadership accountable.

C). To foster complementary relationships between the state and civil society in Uganda and Africa, partly through engaging in continuous dialogue with African leaders on the political rationale for wider civil participation in governance.

D). To enable enduring gender in Uganda, in part by encouraging men in leadership positions to be real allies in the empowerment of women;

E). To promote and protect Human rights in Uganda and particularly the right to Food, clean environment and water, right to education and other social, economic and political rights so as to create sustainable development

F). To address capacity weaknesses of civil society organizations and NGOs in addressing mundane problems like HIV/AIDS, Conflict, Economic stagnation, Environmental degradation, Gender inequities, Child mortality and abuse, Power abuse and human rights violation, bad governance, poor sanitation and water use, poverty, food insecurity, disaster risk reduction and mitigation through training and developing projects, materials and development software

G). To raise funds for the running of the ACEDI activities and link the Members to sources of funding.

H). To promote activities in the field of agriculture, environment, income generation, good governance, health and any other legal development interventions.

I). To promote shared learning through research, information sharing, documentation and exchange.

J). To link and partner with other key like-minded development actors within and out of Uganda, engaged in development work.

K). To undertake all other activities considered incidental for the attainment of the above objectives

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