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ACEDI was founded in 2009 and was organized for the charitable purpose to be a development partner of choice for the poor women, men, boys and girls and their organization in empowering and giving them voice to ensure their inclusion, participation and benefit in the development agenda at household, family, community, national and international levels. This mission, approved by the ACEDI board, underpins all of our organization's programs, including membership, products, consulting, and training. Furthermore, those who work on behalf of ACEDI understand and are loyal to its mission.

The ACEDI board of advisors operates in partnership with our CEO to set the strategic direction for the organization, as well as oversee finances, operations, and policies as set forth in the organization's articles of incorporation and bylaws. The board regularly reviews the strategic plans, activity reports, financial statements, and policies of the organization to ensure alignment with its mission and goals, as well as compliance with nonprofit legal standards. Within the context of these responsibilities, the board seeks to demonstrate the principles of exceptional governance. ACEDI operates under a number of key policies, include but not limited to the following: conflict of interest, non-discrimination and anti-harassment, travel reimbursement, and whistleblower.  

Personal and Professional Integrity
ACEDI staff, affiliated consultants, and board members act with honesty and openness as representatives of our organization and in their interactions with one another. ACEDI promotes a working environment that values respect, candor, justice and fairness, and does so within the context of the core values.

Openness and Disclosure
ACEDI provides comprehensive, timely information to the public, media, donors, and other stakeholders, and is responsive to all reasonable requests for information. All public information about our organization fully and honestly reflects its policies and practices. Essential information about ACEDI, are posted on

Legal Compliance
ACEDI and its professional advisors are knowledgeable of and comply with all relevant laws and regulations in all countries we work in.

Responsible Stewardship
ACEDI prudently manages its funds, whether they are contributed revenue, earned income, or investment income. The organization spends a reasonable percentage of its annual budget on programs in pursuance of its mission and on administrative expenses to ensure effective accounting systems, internal controls, fundraising, competent staff, and other expenditures critical to professional management and organizational sustainability. ACEDI does not accumulate excessive operating funds and maintains a responsible level of reserves to enable our organization to respond to philanthropic trends and opportunities to better serve the sector.

ACEDI is truthful and forthright in its fundraising communications, respects the privacy rights of donors, and expends funds in a manner consistent with donor intent. Our organization appropriately acknowledges and recognizes donors for contributions received, and all solicitation materials accurately represent the organization's mission, objectives, and activities, as do related financial, organizational, and program reports.

Program Evaluation
ACEDI regularly reviews program effectiveness and employs mechanisms to incorporate lessons learned into future programs and strategic planning processes. The organization is committed to improving its effectiveness for the benefit of our members, communities, partners, and the sector overall, and has developed a comprehensive system for evaluating our work within the context of our theory of change and strategic plan.

Inclusiveness and Diversity
ACEDI maintains a spirit and practice of inclusiveness, and seeks staff, board members, and affiliated consultants who enrich our programmatic effectiveness through a diversity of experience, skills, cultures, and backgrounds. Our organization has a policy of equal opportunity for our staff and board, and does not discriminate in hiring, retention, promotion, board recruitment, partnerships, and communities served. 

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