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Programmes in ACEDI are structured with work at the lowest level- community level governed by stakeholders who gather and make decisions in an Empowerment and Development Committee (EDC) that is based at the village or sub county level. EDCs consist of Empowerment and Development Facilitators (EDF) who are community mobilisers and trainers, representatives of CSOs in the area and local leadership. These structures are the source of development ideas and supervise the Development programme officers. These also act as the accountability forums for ACEDI where we present our work and seek feedback. They are geographically located in the areas where we have programmes and have been useful in the identification of project and programme ideas.

Depending on the size of the programme the EDCs then form a District or Area Empowerment and development Team (AEDT) which provides oversight to the EDCs and also guide the organizational staff of ACEDI on how and what to do in the implementation processes. Representatives from the EDCs are selected and become part of the AEDT and are joined by the representative of CSOs at District level such as a District CSO forum representative, local leadership and local government representatives. The AEDTs have the Area Development Programme Advisor (ADPA) as the secretary and overseer.

All ADPAs are supervised by the Regional Development Programme Advisors (RDPAs) who report to the Director programmes (DP). The DP is assisted by National Sector Advisors (NSA) who are experts in the field of implementation and are usually part of the programme on a voluntary basis and are facilitated to provide technical support to the RDPAs and ADPAs. All decisions regarding programme implementation are taken by the National Executive Committee (EC) that consists of all directors, RDPAs and the CEO and where applicable the Country representative instead of the CEO.

At the helm of the organization we have an advisory Board of Advisors consisting of seven to nine members of highly experienced and committed development practioneers in different fields. These are recommended to the organization by the communities we serve and from CSO partners and are then vetted and a special independent committee is commissioned to interview and select the final advisors for the organization based on the themes that the organization works on. Gender equity is paramount. The chief Executive officer is the head of the organization and is supervised and supported by the Board of Advisors.

Throughout the structure of the organization community participation is important and critical to ACEDI’s success.

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