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The consultancy services we provide are driven by a clear vision of creative, practical and conceptually robust client centered solutions. We work constantly to expand our understanding of clients’ policies and systems and the context within which they work. Our goal is to help our client’s access and adopt the best practices in development effectiveness, which take into account their primary corporate and developmental objectives, as well as wider stakeholder concerns.

The brains behind ACEDI have over 70 years of combined progressive experience in development and management consulting, and have tailored the organization to serve clients with great efficiency. Our emphasis over the last couple of years as development partners has been in providing development consulting services. In all our work we ensure that we base our advice on well researched positions. All our team members possess good research and report writing skills.

Unique features of our team
The distinguishing feature of our work is the calibre of people we bring to each project. Working with a clear methodology, we identify people with the specific qualifications and experience to meet the requirements of each assignment. Our team combines the following skills and experience:
    · Specific knowledge and experience in conducting strategic business plans, strategic plans, corporate governance reviews and plans, research and monitoring and evaluation frameworks for organisations;

    · Understanding development management issues in Africa and identification with the client’s mandate and the challenges it faces;

    · Demonstrated development experience with specific results in Business plan development, organizational assessment, reviews, impact analysis and research. In addition, participatory and collaborative approach and ability to work with a team with diverse skills and experience; 

    · Professional training capability and Specific technical expertise to fulfil the terms of reference for strategic plan development, Business Plan design; etc

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