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1. Has your strategic Plan come to an end and want it reviewed/assessed?
2. Do you want to develop a fundable and costed strategic plan in a participatory way?
3. Are you tired of strategic plans that you cannot translate into Annual plans?
4. Do you want to develop a new strategic plan?
5. Do you want a competitive cutting edge strategic plan?

Strategic planning is at the heart of organization success. A well-devised long-range plan brings an organization's vision to life, and is a mandatory and important first step for any sustainable programme portfolio development efforts. ACEDI's experts help organizations to develop three to five-year strategic plans, involving the organization leadership, stakeholders and staff to boost overall operations. ACEDI can provide the systematic, objective overview you need to ensure that every part of the Strategic plan development process locks into place, so that your whole organization moves forward in an integrated and effective way.

ACEDI has proven experience in strategic planning and management and ability to produce high quality and concise plans through: 
    · Review of organization’s Goals and Objectives
    · Analyze Internal Operations
    · Evaluate Organizational Structure
    · Assess Strengths and Weaknesses
    · Review/Develop Position Descriptions
    · Undertake comprehensive situational analyses and anticipate future programme demands etc

By undertaking the above, ACEDI supports organizations in developing impactful and forward thinking strategic plans. The final result being more than just a written plan but the organization's key stakeholders feel a greater investment in your vision and direction and thus help you reach your short and long term goals.

Recent clients in Strategic Planning
· Joint Effort to Save the Environment
· Kasese District Development Network
· The Diocese of Musoma, Tanzania
· Kibaale CSO Network
· Rubirizi rural women Group
· Uganda Youth Forum
· Uganda National Teachers Union
· Uganda Girls guides Association

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