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You may be one of those asking the following questions and don’t know where to find the answers:

1. Do you have enthusiastic volunteers, but aren’t sure how best to use their talents?
2. Are management issues making it difficult for you to enjoy your life?
3. Do you want specific coaching on how to do your job better?
4. Are you looking for a knowledgeable, experienced professional speaker or workshop facilitator with expertise in the not-for-profit sector and participatory methodologies?
5. Do you need someone to help facilitate a Board or staff retreat?
6. Do want to have a professional report developed for your workshop?
7. Is the organization’s founder retiring?
8. Do you have a new CEO in place?
9. Are you changing your staffing model?

ACEDI helps you find the answers to these questions. It has specialized in making the management of Volunteers an easy task. ACEDI’s undertakes Leadership Analysis process in which it systematically and carefully evaluates all aspects of your volunteer leadership such the board’s structure, recruitment, orientation capacity, governance and term limits. WE do this in order to provide you with a realistic assessment of leadership's strengths and challenges, which will inform recommendations for the organization's overall strategic planning process. In circumstances where NGO leaders juggle many tasks, ACEDI provides one-on-one garage of professional guidance to CEO, and Managers. As professionals who understand the pressures and challenges associated with not for profit management, we can help staff leaders with: developing specific strategies to achieve their goals; facilitate developing expectations and/or job qualifications for new staff, positioning their organizations for funding, and many other issues.

ACEDI has specialists who have a very highly specialized knowledge base, and have a proven track record as leaders at providing context to statistics and trends in sectors of Education, Health, and Natural resource management, making presentations on a variety of sector-specific topics and regularly facilitating a vast array of meetings, and also appearing as speakers at not-for-profit conferences all over the World. We can facilitate for you a meeting/workshop/conference and provide a detailed analytical report as documentation. We also have an array of experienced workshop/meeting rapporteurs if that is all you need! We also provide technical assistance in successfully preparing your organization for a leadership transition, and guide staff and board managing organizational change.

Recent clients in organizational management
· International Labour Organization- SNAP project
· Women Education researchers of Kenya
· Uwezo Uganda
· Uganda National NGO Forum
· Joint Effort to Save the Environment
· Pamoja Africa Reflect Network

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